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$3000 USD in Prizes
For DJs Every Month

Make money on Soundmix from your live sets

As a DJ on Soundmix you can make money from your live video sets. And every month you are part of our monthly contest with over $3000 USD in prizes. All you have to do is start streaming, it’s that easy! Because it’s a contest, there are some actions you can take which can increase your chances of winning. Get the app to find out more.

Live Stream Your Sets
on Soundmix

Grow Your Fanbase

Grow your fanbase without having to spend money on ads or posting anything other than your work. Just entertain your fans and have fun doing it!

Start Earning From Your Video Content

We understand how frustrating it is not to be able to monetize your content online. Not any more. On Soundmix there’s many ways you can make money from your live sessions.

Monthly Contests With Cash Prizes

Our monthly contest brings cash to the top performing DJs on Soundmix. $3000 dollars to be exact! And you only need to do what you’ve always done: entertain your fans!

Get Rewards From Fans (coming soon)

Fans can reward their favourite DJs via virtual gifts. During a live stream, any fan can reward the DJ with a virtual gift, that can be withdrawn into cash.

What About Music Copyrights?

We Handle Copyrights So You Don't Have To

Soundmix is in the process of signing license agreements all over the World so that you can be as creative as you want, without worrying about copyrights.

We Share Revenue With Music Rights Holders

Every time we make money on our platform, part of our revenue is set aside for music copyrights holders. So whenever you use music that has copyrights associated in your mixes, we make sure the rights holders get paid based on license agreements that we sign.

Why Are Copyrights Important?

Remember when you posted a mix on YouTube or Facebook and it was either taken down or muted? That’s because you used someone else’s song in your mixes. We make sure your mixes are cleared for copyrights and part of the money we make go to the rights holders so that we don’t have to take down your content. Ever.

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